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Smallbiz - About Us

Our Mission

Welcome to a new concept in websites! If you are a small business owner, our mission is to give you more time, by being YOUR focal point on the internet to search and easily find business services, products and helpful information! If you are just starting or buying a small business, growing an existing business or selling your business; is "what your BiZ needs!"

What makes different than the other small business websites?!

Save time!
·Your time is precious! That is why, our websites are designed to allow you to sign on, do what you need to do, and leave with the fewest possible clicks of your mouse!
Few annoying banner ads!
·Our revenues come mostly from providing services NOT from selling advertising! This means our websites look cleaner and are easier to navigate.
Excellent service!
·Whether we are the provider of the service or we have partnered with another company to provide you a service, we guarantee you will like the results!
Unique search engine technology!
·We save you time by profiling almost all of our websites' content including each article in our database. Unlike the typical search engine, using only full text searches and delivering thousands of unwanted articles, we give you only the information you want in a quick an easy format!
More information!
·We are adding more content (news, informational articles, editorials, etc.) to our websites daily.
Local Focus!
·Using our local state-based websites and later, our country based websites; you'll get the local information, services and products you need!
Easy to use!
·You'll notice there are few graphics and the navigation is simple. We strive to make our websites the easiest to use regardless of the information you want and regardless of how seasoned or new you are to the Internet. is you!
·Unlike most sites that tell you what they want to give you, we give you what you want. Small business owners like you provide many of our articles, provide many of our services, make suggestions and in many ways determine our websites' focus.

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